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ALEMAIS is the creative expression of Australian designer Lesleigh Jermanus. ALEMAIS is a brand with purpose. It is a brand of integrity. A brand striving for transparent and sustainable practices within a changing industry. It is about creating and curating a collection that supports artisanal communities, that reduces environmental impact, and treats its suppliers with honesty and respect.

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Alemais Paradiso SundressAlemais Paradiso Sundress
Alemais Paradiso Sundress Sale price$595.00
Alemais Linda PantAlemais Linda Pant
Alemais Linda Pant Sale price$445.00
Alemais Willa Embroidered SkirtAlemais Willa Embroidered Skirt
Alemais Sunset Midi DressAlemais Sunset Midi Dress
Alemais Sunset Midi Dress Sale price$495.00
Alemais Sofie ShirtdressAlemais Sofie Shirtdress
Alemais Sofie Shirtdress Sale price$695.00