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Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson, founder of the eponymous luxury fashion brand, creates high-quality and artisanal clothing that blends intricate craftsmanship with sophisticated design. Each piece is crafted with care using the finest materials to ensure a long-lasting, timeless appeal. From hand-loomed textiles to custom prints and embroidery, Ulla Johnson celebrates the beauty of traditional techniques while infusing them with modern sensibilities. The brand is committed to sustainability and ethical production, creating clothes that not only look good but also feel good to wear.

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Ulla Johnson Ella SkirtUlla Johnson Ella Skirt
Ulla Johnson Ella Skirt Sale price$84.00 Regular price$420.00
Ulla Johnson Kalila TopUlla Johnson Kalila Top
Ulla Johnson Kalila Top Sale price$316.00 Regular price$790.00
Ulla Johnson Cyrus PantUlla Johnson Cyrus Pant
Ulla Johnson Cyrus Pant Sale price$556.00 Regular price$1,390.00
Ulla Johnson Rami SkirtUlla Johnson Rami Skirt
Ulla Johnson Rami Skirt Sale price$196.00 Regular price$490.00
Ulla Johnson Heleen DressUlla Johnson Heleen Dress
Ulla Johnson Heleen Dress Sale price$316.00 Regular price$790.00
Ulla Johnson Aberdeen Midi DressUlla Johnson Aberdeen Midi Dress
Ulla Johnson Pascale PantUlla Johnson Pascale Pant
Ulla Johnson Pascale Pant Sale price$390.00 Regular price$650.00
Ulla Johnson Maude PulloverUlla Johnson Maude Pullover
Ulla Johnson Maude Pullover Sale price$252.00 Regular price$420.00
Ulla Johnson Aurora TopUlla Johnson Aurora Top
Ulla Johnson Aurora Top Sale price$414.00 Regular price$690.00
Ulla Johnson Elodie JeanUlla Johnson Elodie Jean
Ulla Johnson Elodie Jean Sale price$470.00
Ulla Johnson Jessie SundressUlla Johnson Jessie Sundress
Ulla Johnson Adria Pleated Wave WristletUlla Johnson Adria Pleated Wave Wristlet
Ulla Johnson Seashell Wicker BagUlla Johnson Seashell Wicker Bag
Ulla Johnson Tulip BasketUlla Johnson Tulip Basket
Ulla Johnson Tulip Basket Sale price$590.00
Ulla Johnson Lucienne DressUlla Johnson Lucienne Dress
Ulla Johnson Lucienne Dress Sale price$1,190.00
Ulla Johnson Samar Sleeveless DressUlla Johnson Samar Sleeveless Dress
Ulla Johnson Aviana TopUlla Johnson Aviana Top
Ulla Johnson Aviana Top Sale price$320.00
Ulla Johnson Jolie TopUlla Johnson Jolie Top
Ulla Johnson Jolie Top Sale price$350.00
Ulla Johnson Petra SkirtUlla Johnson Petra Skirt
Ulla Johnson Petra Skirt Sale price$420.00
Ulla Johnson Marin JumpsuitUlla Johnson Marin Jumpsuit
Ulla Johnson Marin Jumpsuit Sale price$570.00
Ulla Johnson Cai PantUlla Johnson Cai Pant
Ulla Johnson Cai Pant Sale price$620.00
Ulla Johnson Novalie TopUlla Johnson Novalie Top
Ulla Johnson Novalie Top Sale price$1,190.00
Ulla Johnson Gisele Midi DressUlla Johnson Gisele Midi Dress