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HOORSENBUHS launched with a single tri-link ring that’s now referenced throughout the range. Considered modern heirlooms, each piece is carefully handcrafted in Los Angeles from precious metals. 

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Sirkel BraceletSirkel Bracelet
Sirkel Bracelet Sale price$1,200.00
3mm Toggle Earrings Studs
3mm Toggle Earrings Studs Sale price$300.00
Micro Open-link Necklace 22"Micro Open-link Necklace 22"
Micro Open-link Necklace 22" Sale price$2,200.00
3mm Toggle Earrings with Diamonds
3mm Toggle Earrings Studs3mm Toggle Earrings Studs
3mm Toggle Earrings Studs Sale price$1,250.00
Micro Open-link Necklace 20"Micro Open-link Necklace 20"
Micro Open-link Necklace 20" Sale price$1,900.00
Dame Phantom Ring Size 7Dame Phantom Ring Size 7
Dame Phantom Ring Size 7 Sale price$500.00
Dame Phantom Ring Size 6Dame Phantom Ring Size 6
Dame Phantom Ring Size 6 Sale price$500.00
Dame Tri-link Ring Size 6Dame Tri-link Ring Size 6
Dame Tri-link Ring Size 6 Sale price$250.00
Dame Tri-link Ring Size 7Dame Tri-link Ring Size 7
Dame Tri-link Ring Size 7 Sale price$250.00